What is ContraxSuite?

ContraxSuite™ by LexPredict is the leading open-source contract analytics and legal document platform.  Simply put, we offer a suite of tools including a customizable web application, a natural language and machine learning library, and pre-trained contract analytics models for common problems in legal document and contract analytics.

Who is ContraxSuite for?

ContraxSuite is for anyone who works with legal or financial documents, including corporate legal departments, law firms, CFOs, publicly-traded or registered companies, insurance companies, and accountants and auditors.

What can ContraxSuite do?

ContraxSuite can identify, organize, de-duplicate, and relate legal material, sifting through vast amounts of documents to find what’s relevant to you.  Once this material is identified, ContraxSuite can extract important terms, locate key clauses, and visualize and export the results.  Our software is full of features and flexibility, and you can learn about more ContraxSuite features here.

What problems can ContraxSuite solve?

ContraxSuite can help organizations across a wide range of problems, including contract harmonization, diligence and M&A, high-volume and high-impact contract review, supply chain and vendor managementand real estate and lease abstraction.  Learn more about these and other ContraxSuite use cases here.

How can you use ContraxSuite?

ContraxSuite is available to organizations through a range of options, including cloud hosting and on-premises licensing and support.  Learn more about getting started with ContraxSuite here.