Supply Chain and Vendor Management

World wide web of risk.

If you’re like most companies, you only have a small handful of vendors.  Luckily, all of those companies you acquired also ran diligent procurement and contract management systems.   You integrated them and their historical agreements the day after closing the deal.  Or not.

Let’s face it – you probably have at least hundreds of vendors and suppliers across tens of industries and multiple subsidiaries and regions.  Every time  a new risk or regulatory trend emerges, you scramble to review paper for impact.  Did we require cyber insurance for Canadian vendors or mandate BAAs for all US facilities?  Is there a mandatory notice  and cooperation clause for FCPA violations?  How on earth do we implement a GDPR framework?  

Trust us – you’ve come to the right place.  ContraxSuite and LexNLP are what you need. 

Analytics for Supply Chain

Scalable supply chain and vendor management

Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services

Integrate with key systems and deal rooms like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Dropbox.  Never lose precious hours moving files.

Validate key financial assumptions like revenue and sales

Are those 200 customers really more like 20?  Where did the last $15M of sales for last quarter go?  Didn’t the last email mentioned 15,000 properties?  Help validate key financial assumptions and facts. 

Validate key legal terms like change of control and executive benefits

Asset deal or equity deal?  We all know what business wants, but can it work?  Give them a report detailing assignable revenue or questionable compensation terms.

Identify client risk like Most Favored or discount terms

Sweethearts are great until they’re not.  Make sure you’re aware of any key risks like most favored clauses, nasty SLA terms, or impending discount triggers.

IDENTIFY regulatory and geopolitical risks

Doing business in every industry around the world can be great.  Missing regulations and gepolitical risks, on the other hand, isn’t great.  Identify risks and build reports to manage for success.


Feel the need for a little more review?  Analyze those extra communications and documents so you can thank yourself later for pre-discovery, not e-discovery.

Learn more about ContraxSuite.

ContraxSuite is full of features and use cases.  Make sure you understand how a contract analytics tool like this can can help your organization.