ContraxSuite Cloud Hosting

Not into data center ops? We are.



Are you looking to get started quickly without the hassle of hardware and software setup?  Do you want the experts who built the system to help you deploy and support it?  Either way, we can help.

Let us run it.

Fully hosted and secure

We work hard to make sure you can trust your data is safe. Our team is ISO 27001 certified to prove it.

VPN or Internet Access

Want your ContraxSuite cloud instance accessible from anywhere or locked down to your VPN? You choose.


We scale your ContraxSuite instance up and down to meet your resource needs so you can focus on solving your problems.

Keep procurement happy

Escrow and source code

With ContraxSuite, you get the source code. With other vendors, counterparty risks can't be mitigated.

Cloud Jurisdiction

Need to host your data in specific regions, regulatory jurisdictions, or cloud providers? We've got you covered around the globe with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Need to customize your system to integrate into other systems like Office 365 or Dropbox? You've found the only solution on the market.