Contract Analytics for Legal Departments

Legal: The C-Suite's Last Frontier.

In our work at the cutting edge of strategy and execution with legal departments, one thing is clear – the C-Suite believes that Legal’s time has come.  From operations to accounting, expectations regarding efficiency and technology usage have been rising for decades.  It’s time to answer the call.

ContraxSuite and LexNLP are ideal tools for the modern legal department, allowing organizations to  both improve processes like contracting and address unstructured data problems like due diligence and M&A, accounting and financial changes, policy and procedure review, and litigation data and analytics projects.

"This bespoke software reduces the time associated with reviewing legal documents and redirects our human talent to high-value work."
Ben Allgrove, Baker McKenzie
Innovation Committee Chair, R&D Partner

Use Cases for Legal Departments

Diligence and M&A

Ten thousands contracts to review by the end of the week. Were you planning to read them yourself? Luckily, ContraxSuite doesn't take naps.


When it comes to contract review, efficiency means margin. You can't afford not to use ContraxSuite., since you can't afford to waste time.


Whether you're harmonizing MSAs or employment agreements, ContraxSuite can help identify and cluster contracts and clauses.

Real Estate and
Lease Abstraction

We're guessing that you have more than a handful of units to review in that portfolio. Maybe that client can wait for your next hire before they need to complete transaction?

Accounting and Financial Standards

FASB, ASC, IFRS, CFR, Treas Reg, SEC. Revenue recognition, lease standards, loss contingencies, and more. Ready for some help?

Data Extraction

So many complaints and settlement agreements, so little data. If only there were some way to read every document to extract the key allegations and terms...

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ContraxSuite is full of features and use cases.  Make sure you understand how a contract analytics tool like this can can help your organization.