Lease Accounting

ASC 842 made easy.

January 1, 2019 used to seem so far away.  Ever since FASB published their new lease accounting standards, accountants have been scrambling to implement new processes and review existing leases by that effective date.  If only there were some way to turn all of those leases into a big spreadsheet…

LexNLP and ContraxSuite are here to help.  Using natural language processing and machine learning tools combined with pre-trained financial and accounting models, you can quickly classify leases and lease terms like term, maintenance, transfer, and purchase rights.

Analytics for Leases

Turn leases into spreadsheets.

Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services

Integrate with key systems and deal rooms like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Dropbox.  Never lose precious hours moving files.

Identify key financial terms

Identify key financial terms like lease and maintenance fees, percentages, and rates.

Validate key legal terms

Identify key legal terms like terms, maintenance requirements, usage restrictions, and purchase rights.


Some lease portfolios are highly standardized.  Make sure to take advantage of these forms for rapid analysis.

IDENTIFY regulatory and geopolitical risks

Doing business around the world can be great.  Missing regulations and gepolitical risks, on the other hand, isn’t great.  Identify risks and build reports to manage for success.


Are your leases or assets unique?  Make sure your data model reflects the nature of your business with our custom data models.

Learn more about ContraxSuite.

ContraxSuite is full of features and use cases.  Make sure you understand how a contract analytics tool like this can can help your organization.