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Use Cases and Applications for ContraxSuite

Due Diligence

Assist with the breadth and speed of diligence

ContraxSuite can assist organizations with due diligence tasks related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), re-structuring, bankruptcy, or audit.

Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services
Validate key financial assumptions like revenue and sales terms
Validate key legal terms like change of control and executive benefits
Identify client risk like Most Favored or discount terms
Analyze regulatory and geopolitical risks

Supply Chain Risk

Identify and analyze supply chain risk

Many organizations have developed complex webs of supplier relationships that are critical to their operation. But when a counterparty fails or a dispute arises, few organizations can identify the effects or mitigate risks. ContraxSuite helps organizations identify risks through the supply chain, including counterparty risk, geopolitical risk, regulatory risk, and dispute/litigation risk.

Identify contracts by counterparty or geopolitical risk
Identify contracts with abnormal venues or liquidated damge clauses
Identify contracts with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
Identify contracts with escrow or bankruptcy/default provisions

Revenue Recognition

Automatically locate and analyze key accounting clauses

Financial accounting standards require analysis of documents to comply with revenue recognition standards. ContraxSuite can identify whether a document is a contract and can pull the relevant financial information for use in revenue recognition models.

Identify contracts
Detect performance obligation clauses
Identify the transaction price and discounts

Record Retention Analysis

Improve compliance and risk mitigation

Record retention is a complex problem for many organizations. Many organizations resolve the uncertainty by retaining records too long, resulting in unnecessary risk and compliance concern. ContraxSuite can help organizations classify documents and communication based on requirements like state and federal employment law or the Uniform Preservation of Private Business Records Act (UPPBRA).

Identify personnel and employment records
Identify health, medical, or tax records
Identify retirement and investment plan records
Identify records related to the sale or disposal of weapons, chemicals, or dangerous substances

Real Estate and Lease Abstraction

Extract key terms and facts

Many organizations manage hundreds of properties or lease to thousands of tenants. How do these organizations keep up with the unending stream of renewals, vacancies, discounts, restrictions, and zoning issues? Contract analytics systems like ContraxSuite help organizations stay on top of their portfolio by abstracting these documents into key facts and terms.

Analyze key clauses like restrictions, subleasing, evergreen, and discount
Extract key terms like location, party, duration/term, pricing and discount, and termination date

ISDA, CSA, and ED/PB Agreements

Analyze common financial services agreements

Financial services agreements often rely on specialized terminology and specific forms like ISDA Master Agreements and Credit Support Annex Agreements. Contract analytics software like ContraxSuite can help organizations to structure and abstract these critical counterparty agreements to analyze key rates, conditions, and assets.

Analyze International Swaps and Derivatives (ISDA), Credit Support Annex (CSA), Executing Dealer (ED), and Prime Brokerage (PB) agreements
Identify key terms like interest rate indices (LIBOR/EURIBOR/UST), equity indices, exchanges, and protocols

Policy and Procedure Consolidation

Organize and attack policy fragmentation

As organizations grow organically or through M&A, policy and procedure documents often spiral out of control. These key documents slowly become fragmented or conflicting sources of compliance nightmare and litigation risk. Many organizations have taken on projects to consolidate and re-organize their policy and procedure documents, resulting in up-to-date, standardized compliance programs across the organization. ContraxSuite can help organizations locate, organize, and analyze these agreements to rapidly accelerate projects.

Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services
Locate employment, information security, benefits and compensation, and other policies
Identify key regulatory issues like HIPAA, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Cluster similar policies and automatically identify differences

Fraud Detection and Compliance Support

Pre-discovery, not e-Discovery

Instead of waiting for discovery in litigation, many organizations have put the emphasis on pre-discovery compliance and fraud detection. Document analysis platforms like ContraxSuite can help organizations review communications and material that could signal illict or illegal behavior, such as anomalous or missing agreements or suspicious references to regulators and audit boards.

Identify KYC/AML documentation
Identify regulatory and audit chatter
Identify unusual agreements or communications

Employment and Benefits Standardization

Extract key terms and facts

As organizations grow organically or through mergers and acquisitions, they acquire a wide range of employment and benefits terms. Over time, these inconsistencies result in serious compliance and financial overhead. ContraxSuite helps organizations locate, organize, compare, and standardize employment and benefits documents.

Locate and organize key agreements like employment agreements and benefits plans
Analyze key clauses like at-will, invention assignment, stock options, and confidentiality

HIPAA and BAA Audits

Audit and document key regulatory requirements

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires organizations to take certain protections with patient data, and these protections extend to so-called Business Associates as well. ContraxSuite can help healthcare organizations audit and document the existence and quality of their Business Associate Agreements (BAA), which are key resources in the event of breach or governmental audit.

Locate Business Associate Agreements (BAA)
Analyze coverage of key terms for HIPAA compliance