LexNLP Pricing

No per-document fees.

No vendor lock-in.

Most document and contract analytic vendors offer cloud-based subscriptions that charge based on per-document fees.  No one gets access to source code, and if you ever want to migrate or leave, good luck getting your data out.  No wonder adoption and usage rates are so low.

Our goal is to give you the opposite experience – complete cost control with no vendor lock-in or risk, so that you can drive high rates of adoption and usage.

LexNLP Licensing Options

Open Source AGPL
  • Perpetual term
  • Warranty: None
  • Indemnification: None
  • Insurance: None
  • AGPL Required: Yes
  • Term discounts available
  • Warranty: Negotiable
  • Indemnification: Negotiable
  • Insurance: Negotiable
  • AGPL Required: No
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