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Contract Analytics and Legal Document Features

ContraxSuite Feature List

Document Sources

Source Method Metadata Content
Bulk Upload Browser-based bulk upload
File System Local or network file system
Google Apps GMail, Drive API
Office 365 Microsoft Graph API
Exchange Exchange Web Services/IMAP
Salesforce REST API

File Types

File Type Common Extensions Metadata Content
PDF .pdf
Word .doc, .docx
WordPerfect .wpd
OpenOffice/Open Document .odf
Rich Text Format .rtf
Plain Text Format .txt
HTML .htm, .html
PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx
Excel .xls, .xlsx
"CSV" .csv, .tsv
TIFF .tif, .tiff
JPEG .jpg, .jpeg
PNG .png


Purpose Category Method Documents Text Units Entities
Identification & Organization Unsupervised Clustering K-Means (mini batch)
Identification & Organization Unsupervised Clustering DBSCAN
Identification & Organization Unsupervised Clustering Birch
Organization Approximate String Matching Levenshtein Distance
Organization Approximate String Matching Damerau–Levenshtein distance
Organization Approximate String Matching Jaro-Winkler Distance
Organization Approximate String Matching Partial Token Set Ratio
Identification & Analysis Semi-Supervised Classification Label Propagation/Spreading
Identification & Analysis Supervised Classification Logistic
Identification & Analysis Supervised Classification Support Vector Machine
Identification & Analysis Supervised Classification Random Forest
Identification & Analysis Supervised Classification Multinomial Naive Bayes
Analysis & Extraction Structured Data Locator Parties
Analysis & Extraction Structured Data Locator Dates
Analysis & Extraction Structured Data Locator Durations
Analysis & Extraction Structured Data Locator Definitions
Analysis & Extraction Structured Data Locator Financial Amounts

Entity Types

Category Subcategory Name Description Languages/Locales Status
Legal Standard
Legal Labor & Employment
Legal Insurance
Financial Standard
Accounting Standards US GAAP
Accounting Standards US GASB
Accounting Standards UK GAAP
Accounting Standards IFRS FASB
Geopolitical Geographic Countries
Geopolitical Geographic US States
Geopolitical Geographic Canadian Provinces
Geopolitical Geographic German States
Geopolitical Geographic French States
Geopolitical Geographic Australian States
Geopolitical Political US Regulators & Agencies
Geopolitical Political Canadian Regulators & Agencies
Geopolitical Political UK Regulators & Agencies
Geopolitical Political Australian Regulators & Agencies
Geopolitical Political US Courts
Geopolitical Political German Courts
Scientific Universal Elements
Scientific Universal Chemical Compounds
Scientific Regulatory Hazardous Waste
Scientific Regulatory Medical Procedures
Scientific Regulatory Medical Diagnoses

ContraxSuite Framework

Identify Legal Material

Tools for real-world data

Do you know where your legal material lives? How many contracts do you have? Where are your subsidiary operating agreements? Have your sales personnel made binding statements in email?

In our experience, many organizations never realize the benefits of contract analytics because they struggle to locate their contracts. ContraxSuite doesn't just analyze legal material; it can also identify legal material in the sea of other documents and files in your organization.

Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services
Automatically identify legal agreements or compliance material
Ingest and OCR documents from Word, WordPerfect, PDF, HTML, etc.
Built to process millions of files per day

Organize Documents

Automatically group and explore

Once you've identified your legal documents like agreements and benefits plans, how do you organize them? Do you put them in categories by agreement type? Do you sort them by counterparty or year? Maybe you group them by practice group or managing attorney.

ContraxSuite takes most of the work out of this process, automatically organizing documents and suggesting labels or groups based on content and metadata. This unsupervised approach can save thousands of valuable hours for organizations, especially at early stages of contract management maturity.

Cluster legal documents based on content like key clauses or counterparties
Group legal documents by metadata such as author or date

De-Dupe Documents

Automatically find exact and near duplicates

Many organizations use shared drives and emails to store documents like agreements. Over time, however, these systems fill up with exact or near duplicate copies of the same document. When it comes to contract analytics, de-duplication is critical for reporting and analyzing the real risks and opportunities in your data.

ContraxSuite uses clustering and approximate matching algorithms to identify documents that are similar or exactly identical. Furthermore, ContraxSuite can identify common amendment content, allowing organizations to separate "true" duplicates from near-match amendments.

Locate and consolidate exact duplicate documents based on content and metadata
Locate and consolidate near-duplicate documents based on content and metadata
Locate and consolidate amendments with parent or master agreements

Analyze Documents

Locate key clauses and references

Organizations are increasingly using contract analytics and document review tools to locate key clauses and references. This analysis often focuses on tasks such as validating contract standards like as service level requirements, assignment restrictions, or controlling law and venues.

ContraxSuite allows organizations to quickly apply standard analysis approaches like those used in diligence, lease abstraction, contract review, or compliance consolidation. Furthermore, ContraxSuite is built to allow organizations to train new tools or customize the underlying software. In most circumstances, regular users can teach ContraxSuite to classify clauses without any additional development. However, when required, organizations can "lift the hood" and customize the underlying open-source software to address their own problems.

Apply out-of-the-box analysis for diligence, lease abstraction, contract review, and regulatory compliance
Locate key clauses like assignment and change of control, controlling law and venue, and discount or MFC
Train new models and clauses with regular users - no development required
Customize the underlying open-source software when desired
Own your own models and data

Extract Information

Extract key terms and facts

What is the average term of your supplier agreements? What is the most common jurisdiction for dispute resolution? How many contracts would be affected by a change in HIPAA regulations or EU data protection directive? If you can't answer these questions, then your contract management program still has room for improvement.

ContraxSuite allows organizations to extract key terms and facts, including dates, financial or monetary amounts, rates, company entities, geopolitical entities, financial indices or benchmarks, and regulations.

Extract key terms like dates and dollars
Extract key legal facts like governing law, dispute resolution mechanism, or regulation

Visualize and Export

Generate reports and export to Excel

ContraxSuite allows users to easily export and visualize the results of tools, like maps that show contracts by country, spreadsheets with termination dates, clusters of similar agreements, oro spreadsheets with master agreements and SOWs.

Export all results to Excel or PDF
Visualize results using charts or maps

Start identifying opportunities and risks in your legal documents today.